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The third level of impact on the body, or, Information Level, involves the intricate network of the body’s nervous system, through which electronic signals, self-analyzing questions and answers, and other detailed information are sent to and from all parts of the body.  (Note,, on this level, the nervous system can be seen as similar to the circulatory system at the Biochemical Level, and the energy meridian system at the Energy Level.)  This incredible communication system assesses the organism’s specific conditions, deficiencies, and immediate needs in order to know how to restore itself and remain viable.

For example, if cell division does not follow the pattern determined in the Information Level of the body, the cell begins to mutate.  Cell mutation, of course, disturbs proper functioning of the body.  One of the most well-known examples of this is the cell mutation in cancer, caused by incorrect cell regeneration.  Furthermore, modern medicine does not fully understand how the human immune system works.  There are actually two schools of thought about whether auto-immune diseases, where normal cells have mutated somehow and do not perform their needed function, are ‘real’ diseases.  An auto-immune disease is one in which the body cannot distinguish its own tissues and substances from a foreign element and attacks itself, thinking it’s defending itself against intruders that threaten the health of the organism. Another typical example of immune disease is Psoriasis.  Although Whole Body Cryotherapy is not classified as a medical treatment in the U.S. and the the CryoSauna Cabin is not a medical device,  significant beneficial results have been produced in Russian and European cryotherapy clinics with regard to lessening the impact of Psoriasis.

How can Whole Body Cryotherapy affect the immune system and rejuvenation of the body’s information system?  As noted previously, in the biochemical system, when brain signals are sent to the peripheral tissues, they cause vaso-constriction during Whole Body Cryotherapy due to the significant drop in temperature.  In the Information Level, the brain sends signals to all parts of the body through the nervous system in order to determine the extent to which each part of the body is compromised.  This is done to allocate adequate resources of the body to ensure the viability of the organism, as this function of the brain does not distinguish between the important (i.e., critical for survival) organs and less important tissues and functions. The human brain will try to perpetuate all the organs and body parts.
What exactly is happening in the body during Whole Body Cryotherapy at the Information Level?  When the brain, in response to perceived critical conditions (i.e., extreme cold), surveys all body parts and analyzes the returned signals, it performs a complete up-to-date assessment of the body’s state of health - which the brain then uses to properly allocate resources to ensure the viability of the body.

Thus, the human brain represents the only instantaneous method in the world able to engage an updating procedure that instantly checks the body’s immune system and information systems prompting the body to take immediate actions needed to correct itself in early stages of threat or malfunction.  Currently, there is no known medical research that refers to the effects of Whole Body Cryotherapy on the human Information Level.  This is in part because modern medicine is still working to understand exactly how the human immune system works and restoring the body’s immune system remains an enormous medical challenge.

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