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The second level of impact on the human body produced from Whole Body Cryotherapy is the Energy Level of the human body.  It’s important to note here that modern Western Medicine has traditionally tried to distance itself from the existence of the Energy Level when referencing organism viability.  Only in the last few years has Acupuncture, which deals with the energy meridians of a human being, become a full medical component and Acupuncturists recognized as effective physicians.  This recognition is a major step forward in modern medicine.  At the same time, most Eastern Medicine is based, at least in part, on treatments impacting the energy level in the human body.

The Energy Level of the human body is made up of a network of energy meridians, similar to the way the circulatory system in the Biochemical Level is a network of blood vessels, and similarly, as we will see in the next section, the Information Level of the body is a network consisting of the nervous system.

The human body consists of 12 main meridians and many lateral meridians, together referred to as the energy network of the human body.   The main meridians are located inside the body, while lateral meridians reach the skin surface. When the energy flow in any of the meridians is blocked, some organs do not receive enough energy to function properly.  This creates impaired functioning resulting in organ decay.  Unfortunately, modern Western Medicine tends to only diagnose organ failures when they are already seriously damaged when disease symptoms appear at the Biochemical Level.  Whole Body Cryotherapy works on the principle of restoring the energy flow in the human body before it reaches this stage thereby preventing many of these malfunctions.

How does Whole Body Cryotherapy stimulate this energy flow in the body?  As general physics proves when one end of a sufficiently long wire is warmed and the other end is cooled, the temperature difference leads to an electric current in the wire.  The same reaction occurs within the human energetic system while using Whole Body Cryotherapy.  When the temperature on the skin surface drops to approximately 32˚F while body core temperature is 98.6˚F, there is a 68.6˚F difference that is sufficient to cause a strong flow of energy in the meridians, thereby restoring energy flow where disruptions may have been present.  As a result, Whole Body Cryotherapy, through stimulation of the energy flow in the human body, helps people to stay healthy longer.

There are no modalities, including Acupuncture, which can accurately diagnose potential discrepancies in energy flow, since relatively little research has been documented about it.  However, energy flow restoration is very beneficial even without knowing the exact site of disruption in the body.  As a result of today’s lifestyle characterized by stress, immobility, bad eating habits, chemical and biological contamination, as well as physical injuries and surgeries, the energy systems of human beings are generally being significantly compromised.  Even scars inside and outside the body are barriers to the energy flow through the body.  If the human energy system does not function properly, and the body has the internal malfunctions and damages described above, then there is not enough energy, even at a very early stage, for delaying an aging process, much less rejuvenation.  Aging is the immediate result of insufficient energy supply inside the body.  Restoration of the energy flow helps to restore the body physically, and can at least help prevent its premature aging.


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